We all have experienced this and for those who just graduated from college

Hello to all, there was a post by Elizabeth R., Esq. from LinkedIn about the low employment rate and I answered with one of my biggest points in the job seekers/employers circle or journey. How do you gain experience without having a job? Yes, the question many of our college graduates shall face in traversing the career journey. Yes, some employers and career advisors may say “well do an internship that may lead to a job…………”, but when you have bills to pay a non-pay internship may not cut it. Please to all, especially HR managers and recruiters, let’s have an open forum to help those with this same problem, thank you and to all good luck with your personal career journey.

http://time.com/money/4758109/unemployment-is-really-low-so-why-cant-these-people-find-jobs/ ;