Why hire an Erasmus+ trainee?

  • Bring fresh talent to your business

    Eramus+ trainees are motivated and well-trained.

  • Expand in a cost-effective way

    Having an Erasmus+ trainee costs significantly less than a regular employee

  • Help top prospects kickstart their career

    Provide invaluable work experience for trainees. You may even  consider employing them in the future for your own benefit.

  • Internationalise your organisation

    Hiring trainees from other countries makes your organisation more attractive and opens up new cultural perspectives


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What Services Do We Offer to Employers?

Post an Internship Offer

(Free Service)

Get your internship offer exposed to Europe’s most talented Erasmus students!

We showcase your offer on relevant university/college websites or job portals and the offer is distributed in our European network of partner institutions of higher education (over 400) and student organizations.

If you choose our free service:

      • your listing will be shared repeatedly on our Facebook and Twitter pages and other social media sites,
      • in addition, your offer is automatically listed on the world’s number one job site Indeed,  
      • applicants can apply for your position using their online resume at TraineeXpert or with their Facebook profile,
      • you get instant email notification of applications,
      • you can check the status of your listings through your listings dashboard,
      • you can review the resumes of the applicants and contact them directly,

Need help? Check out our step-by-step quide

Our partners

Recruit an Intern with TraineeXpert

(Paid Service)

In case you decide not to manage the whole process of finding, selecting and interviewing candidates for an open internship position, we are more then happy to assist you and take the burden off of your shoulders.

As part of our recruitment service we:

      • have a Skype consultation with you, during which we discuss your needs, criteria and service details,
      • prepare and post your internship offer on our website, social media sites and the world’s number one job search site Indeed,
      • advertise your internship offer in our network of university partners and student organisations,
      • advertise your internship offer to applicants with matching profiles in our own database,
      • run targeted online ad campaigns,
      • manage incoming applications,
      • screen applicants against study and language requirements,
      • conduct skype interviews with applicants,
      • evaluate the applicants,
      • select applicants with appropriate profiles for approval,
      • organise applicant interviews with you (if necessary),
      • prepare Erasmus+ documents for eligible applicants,
      • assist interns throughout their internship period.

Need more information? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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